Mixed Workload Automation using ViPR – Demo

Big Data analytics projects are complex and notoriously difficult to implement, but those are the types of projects that hold the key to unlocking business insights that help companies gain sustainable competitive advantage.  There are various reasons for the complexity of big data analytics project:

  • Big Data analytics project involve multiple data sources
    • Internal Data Sources
      • Sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing and operations.
    • External Data Sources
      • Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.,
      • Salesforce, Workday, etc.,
      • Open Data sources – Economic, Trade, Federal, etc.,
  • It involves structured and unstructured data
    • Many of the data sources are structured data such as relational databases.
    • But, majority of corporate data resides in semi-structured or unstructured data stored in files.
  • These projects deal with a mix of workloads
    • Need ability to deal with files, SQL & NoSQL Databases, Object Services
  • As the name suggests, Big Data analytics projects deal with vast volumes of data
    • Ability to deal with petabytes of data is essential to success.

In short, today’s big data analytics projects need to deal with a massive scale and scope.  Manual provisioning of storage for such projects will only cause delays that is just not acceptable in today’s business environment.

Please watch this demo to learn how EMC ViPR can enable end-to-end automation of your big data analytics project.

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