Minimum Viable Product ASAP

Entrepreneurs care about one thing and one thing only – getting to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ASAP. The sooner they can get a product out, the sooner they can gauge customer interest, garner feedback, and work on incremental improvements for the next version. In the nascent days of cloud computing, Amazon offered entrepreneurs a way to get their dream project off the ground ASAP. If differentiation is a core tenet of competitive strategy, Amazon had achieved that in the early days of Cloud Computing by targeting a segment of the market that was craving for a solution similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Object storage delivered via Software-Defined Storage took center stage at Amazon.

Similar to entrepreneurs, established organizations (read Fortune 500 companies) are looking at the private or public cloud to gain speed and efficiency when developing new applications, but their mission-critical applications that have been developed and improved over decades continue to remain on-premise. Those applications are not moving to a public cloud any time soon. To leverage data and insights from their mission-critical applications while building robust new applications, established organizations need to combine and leverage block, file, and object storage. They cannot loose business speed and agility in this fast-moving business world. Their requirements can be summarized as follows:

  • Software-Defined Storage Support for File, Block, Object
  • Simple and Common, easy-to-use user interface across all storage
  • Support for Public and Private Cloud
  • Extreme Performance, Scalability, Elasticity, and Reliability

EMC satisfies all these requirements today using ViPR Controller, ScaleIO, and Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS).

EMC Elastic Cloud Storage offers the cost advantages of commodity infrastructure, while providing reliability, availability, and serviceability.  EMC ECS is powered by ViPR, so if a developer learns to work with ViPR, he can work with ECS.  ECS also offers support to Amazon S3 Object Service API, EMC Atmos API, and OpenStack Swift Object Service API.  ScaleIO delivers software-defined, scale-out, block storage on commodity hardware while providing the benefits of extreme performance, scalability, and elasticity. ScaleIO integrates with ViPR to provide ViPR Block Service Powered by ScaleIO.  Now, ViPR becomes the common product that:

  • Links File, Block, and Object
  • Provides a Simple, Common, and Easy-to-User interface across all storage
  • Access and manage storage across cloud and on-premise using a single interface.
  • Access and manage storage across EMC, Non-EMC Hardware, and OpenStack

Amazon cannot offer this. EMC has achieved competitive differentiation by putting together a comprehensive, superior set of products that can be accessed and managed using a single interface. Because of these innovations delivered by EMC entrepreneurs and development teams alike can leverage these products and get to MVP ASAP.

View my ViPR Controller demos

Try EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, ScaleIO, and ViPR Controller today.

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