On-Demand Storage Using ViPR

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is about enabling and empowering end-user.  EMC ViPR is a key enabling component for SDDC.  In this demo, a sample application uses  ViPR API to connect to ViPR controller and conduct storage  tasks.

Benefits of  ViPR:

  • Eliminates Storage Silos
  • Drives Self-Service and Automation
  • Enables Hybrid Cloud.

The demo shows the power of ViPR by dramatically simplifying complex storage tasks.  This console-based application uses ViPR’s Java API to perform various storage tasks.  Any ISV or software engineer can take the ViPR API and develop rich GUI that drives self-service and automation of various storage tasks.  Please watch the demo video below and let me know your comments.

Figure: Screenshot of console-based ViPR Application.


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