Things I Learned This Week – January 21st, 2018

Article: Airbus A380, Once the Future of Aviation, May Cease Production, NY Times

Airline industry traffic has been moving to smaller destinations and towards a point-to-point model. That has jeopardized the fate of the Airbus A380.

But, it seems like Emirates Airlines has placed an order for 16 A380 aircrafts, probably saving the model for now.

Article: Millions Bought Insurance to Cover Retirement Health Costs. Now Face An Awful Choice.

Insurance companies have underestimated the costs of long-term care and the investment returns from the premiums. Now, some insurance companies are going bankrupt and others are having to raise premiums significantly. That is leaving many retirees with an awful choice of either paying substantially more premium or forego the coverage. A must read for everybody!

Article: Why Oil Is About to Hit Troubled Waters

Has oil prices peaked and potentially heading down?

Crisis Brewing in India?

WSJ and The Economist have both highlighted the same issue with India: the lack of good, high-paying jobs is quickly robbing India of a bright future and could cause people to be in left-behind and unable to achieve a middle-class living. In India, 12 million people enter the labor market each year. If Prime Minister Modi does not fix this problem, it could lead to a crisis and he could be out of a job.  This year is crucial in training young people with trade skills that could lead to bigger, better jobs.

Article: India Confronts Demographic Bulge of Young People, WSJ

Article: India’s Missing Middle Class, The Economist

Article: The Case of the Endangered Dusky Gopher Frog, WSJ


A small pond in Mississippi is the home of 100 or so dusky gopher frog. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wishes to designate another area (currently in private hands) as a second location where the frogs could thrive if introduced.  Originally, they were found in that area too. Now, Weyerhauser is suing the U.S. Govt. to stop it from designating the new area as critical habitat, thus preventing the development of part of that property.

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear the case the case in October.














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