Domo’s Cash Burn, Frozen Food Battles, Melinda Gates, Atul Gawande – Things I Learned Today (June 27th, 2018)

Conagra Acquires Pinnacle Foods for $10.9bn, FT

Conagra (CAG) gains more control over the frozen foods aisle. This seems to be a very good move.  So called healthy frozen foods are making a comeback on the backs of convenience and calorie control. This may be very positive for Conagra shareholders.

General Electric: Breaking Up is Easy to do, FT

GE (GE) has paid more than $6bn in fees for M&A advice, as well as debt, equity, and loan underwriting services since 2000. (Thomson Reuters). Larry Culp (Former CEO of Danaher) is now GE’s new lead independent director. Culp had huge success at Danaher where the stock returned 10-fold during since 2000.

A Closer Look at Domo’s Cash Burn, Forbes

This article provides a detailed look at various expenses that Domo is incurring to support its business.  It’s customer acquisition costs are sky high. According to the article, Domo spends $500K acquiring each customer. It would be interesting to see how Domo could successfully go public in the face of so much no so positive coverage.

My Favorite Commencement Speeches of 2018, Melinda Gates on LinkedIn

This article brought me to tears. You should read this.

I am a huge fan of Atul Gawande and his interview on Charlie Rose remains a memorable one for me.

In his commencement speech he said:

“You’re going to meet plenty of people in life who are difficult, or who you disagree with—but never let that be a reason to stop listening. Our curiosity is what teaches us how people became who they are and believe what they believe. It’s the seed for understanding and empathy. And it’s absolutely essential to rebuilding trust in our society.”

I am glad I was already working on becoming a better listener this year. It takes a lot of mindful corrections each day. Atul’s advice is very timely.

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