Opportunities in the U.S. Healthcare System

The Unites States is the biggest spender on healthcare in the world.  Healthcare expenditure is 17.7% of the U.S. GDP and it is 4.1% higher in 2011 than in 2000. That is nearly $3 Trillion spent on healthcare each year.  The per capita expenditure has increased from $4,790 in 2000 to $8,467 in 2011 (World Health Organization, 2014).  But, the U.S. healthcare system is in the midst of great changes.  The public awareness of the sky rocketing cost of healthcare along with the passage of numerous laws has opened-up a wealth of opportunities.

There is revolution underway to find productivity gains, reduce costs, and improve medical outcomes.  Private and public health institutions are looking to software to generate savings.  In 2013, Vinod Khosla summed-up this opportunity this way:

“In the next 10 years, data science and software will do more for medicine that all of the biological sciences together.”  

            Given this huge opportunity improve people’s health and reduce costs, I am starting a series of blog posts on the U.S healthcare system.

Some of the focus areas:

  • U.S. Laws and Regulations
    • Defining and understanding meaningful use and its implications for software solutions.
  • Medical Terminology, Classification and Coding Standards.
    • ICD-10-CM
    • ICD-10-PCS
    • RxNorm
    • SNOMED
    • UMLS Metathesaurus
    • LOINC
      • Language for Clinical Observation Exchange
    • UCUM
    • Information Technology Roles
      • Focus on key decision makers
    • Software Solution Areas and Standards in Healthcare
      • Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)
      • Electronic Health Records (E.H.R)
      • Health Information Exchange (H.I.E)
      • HL-7 – Health Level Seven
      • DIG35 – Metadata Standard for Images
    • Healthcare Organizations
      • Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)
      • U.S. National Library of Medicine
      • Accountable Care Organizations
      • National Center for Health Statistics
      • Office of National Coordinator
      • Health Information Organizations
      • Various State-level Organizations.
    • Healthcare Acronyms
    • Industry Associations
    • Latest News

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