BigMemory – Best platform for real-time target marketing.

Every business dreams of building a long-standing relationship with its customers!  How can your business do better at cross- and up-sell?    How can you reduce churn?  How can you increase the value of your loyalty programs?  The answer to all these questions depends on how effectively you are using your customer and purchase history databases. Your business needs to be able to continuously compile, analyze data and design individualized promotional campaigns that would add value to the customer and increase revenue for the business.  We have become very efficient in capturing and storing every transaction from our point-of-sale systems but continuous real-time analytics of those transactions, customer profiles and their purchase histories evades us.

Imagine how much more effective your sales associates would be if they know their customer’s likes and dislikes and can make recommendations based on that.  How much more enjoyable your on-line shopping experience would be if the most relevant product and service information, along with appropriate product coupons are presented to your on-line shoppers as soon as they log on to their rewards program account.

Now, you can make this a reality in your business with BigMemory Max. You can store all your customer profiles, your entire purchase history, all your store information and your product inventory in one super fast database.  In a demo we created for a retail customer, we were able to search 2 million customer accounts along with their information on their loyalty programs, 30,000 products and 1.6 million purchase history records with BigMemory Max in milliseconds.  In most scenarios, we were able to complete the search in less than 50 milliseconds.  Here are the results from the demo:

Demo. Scenario BigMemory Response in milliseconds Size of Resultset (# of Objects)
Search By Brand Name 18 458
Search By Product Category 132 5,125
Search By Brand Name and Product Category 5 77
Search For Customers By City 46 2,124
Search For Customers By Zip Code 6 31
Search Purchase History By City 33 1,704

This demo is just scratching the surface on what’s possible with BigMemory.  You can potentially store and analyze your entire purchase history database – which could be billions of records – and still get extremely low response times. Imagine how much faster and in near real-time you can do logistic regressions, RFM analysis, market basket analysis, cluster analysis, and decision trees when your entire customer and purchase history databases are available in BigMemory Max.

Research indicates that there exists tremendous potential for improving the profitability of direct marketing efforts by fully utilizing customer purchase histories. (Rossi, McCulloch, & Allenby, 1996)  Even short purchase histories can produce a net gain in revenue from target couponing, which is 2.5 times the gain from blanket couponing. (Rossi, McCulloch, & Allenby, 1996) With BigMemory Max, you can now serve timely and accurate coupons that excite the customer and help you gain more in revenue.  Potential to use BigMemory Max within your organization is vast.  Let’s get started today.

Call or send us an email and ask for the retail demonstration and learn how BigMemory can help you get better, timely returns from your marketing dollars.

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